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The Washington Little Theater Company is often recognized in the media. Below are summaries of our latest accomplishments.

We would like to extend a thank you to our local paper, The News-Reporter , for their continuing editorial support. Images for this site were provided by Kip Burke and Katherine Stolz Barber. All Rights Reserved. 



Washington Little Theater's Annual Return of the Children's Theater is a Labor of Love...Kip Burke

Not everybody knows this but there is something wonderful going-on in Washington this week, something special for our kids: a talented group of volunteer actors, directors and hands are working together to bring live theater... click here to read full story


Denial In the Delta...A Review of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof  - Michael Horgan

Utterly, crushingly, powerfully poignant, the 2008-2009 Washington Little Theater's season opened the last two weekend's with a gut wrenching bang. Click here to read full review.





Forty years of performances yields quite an extensive photo collection! While we build our library, please enjoy some photos of our more recent productions, including behind-the-scenes shots and various classes and workshops including the children's theater and summer drama camp.

If you would like to submit photos to our gallery, please email them to info@washingtonlittletheater.org